Posted by : Salem, Date : Mar 22 2017

I am a worship minister, whose ministry & life has touched many; setting for the an atmosphere for miracles, where many have been healed of chronic diseases such as cancer by this ministry, people received miracle money, hearts have been strengthen &

Posted by : Hipporydaz, Date : Mar 05 2017

humbly ask if there is any experienced mucisian wanna have collable am here .am young but also experienced

Posted by : ktgoodboy, Date : Jul 10 2016

born to sing new flow fro mzee mzima ktgoodboykenya sound of africa

Posted by : Victor, Date : Jun 30 2016

Music is my first love of my life, since my first record I have never and will never divorce Hip Hop till FAME do us part.

Posted by : Esbon, Date : Apr 10 2016

I am looking for connections with a lady to do vocals in my next song chorus... halla me at or 0715521795

Posted by : Gabiro, Date : Sep 25 2015

I believe in real talent all day all time. With this site i am now seeing very many artists earning from their music and that means "music pays". Support Kenyan artists and pamoja tujenge nchi yetu.