How It Works

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You sign up with your Full Name, phone number, email and profile picture. Once you enter the captcha information and  clicked on register, an email will be sent to your email address for verification upon which you will be able to log into the site.




You Will Use Your email address and password to login. Once logged in, you will taken to Your Dashboard which has the following menus


  • My Account
    • DashBoard
    • Profile
    • Top Up Wallet
    • Logout
  • Dashboard
    • Total Song Purchase
    • Total Purchase Amount
  • Profile Setting
    • Edit Profile
    • Edit Password
  • My Songs
  • Purchase History
  • Transaction History
  • Testimonial
  • Advertisement




  • My Account  - Clicking here gives you the Drop Down Menu.


  • DashBoard  - This opens up to show you the Total Amount You have Spent on Buying                Music and also how much you have spent on the site All together.


  • Profile – This opens up to a page while you can change details of your profile apart from your email address. You can also change your Password here.


  • Top Up Wallet – This is where you ad Credit to your Wallet. Here you get three ways in which you can top up your credit.


  1. Mpesa – For Mpesa, you will send payment to our Till Number 861703 and follow the Instructions on the screen to have your credit topped up. This should take just about 2minutes. Once Your Wallet is topped up, you can buy music or advertising. Your Credit is automatically Deducted.


  1. Bitcoin – For Bitcoin, The amount you need to pay in BTC will be converted and an address to send it to generating. From Your Bitcoin Wallet you will enter the address to send to and the amount in BTC. There after You Wallet should be topped up. The Bitcoin authorization process will determine how quickly this happens. Once Your Wallet is topped up, you can buy music or advertising. Your Credit is automatically Deducted.


  1. Paypal – For Paypal, you will enter the value in Kenya Shillings that you want to top up your wallet by. You will then be redirected to your Paypal account from where the instructions on screen should guide you to complete the process. Once Your Wallet is topped up, you can buy music or advertising. Your Credit is automatically Deducted.



  • Logout – To Exit the site. You Click on this. It is important to ALWAYS exit your account when done especially in public computers. The System has a 30minute idle time upon which it logs you out but this is a very long place in a publicly accessed computer.


  • My Songs – This menu shows you a list of the songs you have purchased. The songs you have purchased are available for download for an infinite period UNLESS withdrawn by the Owner of the Music. Your first Download is considered as a complete purchase.


  • Purchase History – This gives you a breakdown of all the Wallet Top Ups.


  • Transaction History – This gives you a breakdown of how all your money has been spent on the site.


  • Testimonial – This is an opportunity to say something about your experience on the site.


  • Advertisement – This is an opportunity to post a Banner ad on our Banner Ad Section. Our pricing for banners is very competitive and you are encouraged to resell this. That is collect banners from clients and post them on their behalf and mark up the price at a rate of your choice. This is completely independent of us. You negotiate a price with your clients and make sure they pay you as our Banners are prepaid.


When you are Done.


You exit the site by clicking on Logout.


Thank You for visiting and using our service. Enjoy the experience and invite others to do the same.


#KEMusicians or any Musician in the World has NO complete protection against Piracy. As long as the Music is recorded on a publicly available device, it is available for piracy.


ONLY – You – An honest member of the society can save the Musician by buying Music that they have authorized. ALL Music on this site is Authorised and in fact it is uploaded by the Owners at their own volution. Incase you find any thing contrary to this, please alert us and the offending Uploader will be removed from the site.


Please contact us through email address for any matters you may have regarding this site.




As a Musician You sign up at  with Your Full Name and also with the option of your Show name (Profession name/AKA). When you enter a Show name, it will be the one displayed on the site. If you would like to be known by your real names, please leave this space blank. Also, if  you want your URL (website link to your profile) to reflect your show name, then use your show name in place of your other names.


You will need a picture for your profile and a copy of Your National ID. You will upload this upon clicking register after successfully filling in the Capture.


You will then be sent an email for the verification. Once you have verified your registration, then you will be able to log in.




Once you Log in. The first thing You should do is click on profile. Update Your Profile by Inserting your Social Network handles (usernames) For Twitter DO NOT insert the “@” sign. Enter just your username. Further down enter a description of you and your Music. Click on Submit.




Thereafter Click on “My Genre” – choose your Genre. Choose All of those that you feature in. Click on Save.


Without this choice, you can not Upload Music, this needs to be done first.


There after go to the “My Songs” Menu at the Top Right, click on “Add New”. Follow the Onscreen Instructions!


My Songs


This Menu shows you the list of the Songs You have uploaded. You Can Play, You Can Edit and You Can View.


When you click on View, You see the following details:


The Song Tile

Genre :

Song : Allows You to Download

Created :

Duration :

Size :

Price :

Count Sales :






The Dashboard shows you the following


The Number of Songs uploaded

The number of Active Songs

Total Number of Songs Sold

Total Earnings Made

Total Withdrawals made




This Menu gives you the breakdown of sales made.


Purchase History


This shows details of any purchases you have made.




This shows you details of any withdrawals you have made.


Transaction History


Any movement of Money from and to Your Account.




This shows a list of the events or shows that you have entered into the site. Click on Add New to post Yours.


My Testimonial


This shows You Any Testimony you have posted on the site




This shows you any advertisement that you may have placed. This is a payable service.


Wallet Balance


This is at the Top of the page to the right. It shows you the balance in your Account.


How DO You Earn


For every paid Download that is made of your Music, You earn 80% of the sale price and 20% is left to the Admin of the site.


You can withdraw Your earnings as soon as you have reached the minimum withdrawal limit which is Kshs. 1,000/- at the time of writing this. The moment you make this amount, the withdrawal button becomes available for you. The Maximum you can accumulate in your account is Kshs. 10,000/-. Once you reach this maximum limit, it will be paid out to you within the month.



ALL Uploaders will be required to post our RSS feed on their social media as we will agree. This exercise will however be discussed with you and you may be granted exemption for any reason we find acceptable as per our discretion.

To Maximise on the Exposure of Your Music, we will open the following Accounts for you:-

  1. Twitterfeed
  2. JukeBox
  3. Paperli
  4. Unfollowers

Please send us Your Twitter Username & Password

These services will send automated Tweets through Your Twitter Account. We Will try to limit them per day. These messages will be about your Account and the Music found on our Website. It May not be Your Own Music but yours will feature in other Musicians accounts at some point or other. When you get mentioned, please Retweet. REMEMBER, the whole idea is to build Traffic to the site. The more Traffic the site gets, the more exposure YOUR music gets. When we Work together.... We Will ALL benefit.

We believe that this way we will expose a large variety of Music to a large variety of audience who may buy the Music and therefore send more traffic to the site. When ALL Musicians help expose the site then ALL Musicians benefit. Exposure is KEY, whether you sell the Music or not, people will talk about it. The benefits of Exposure are immense though they may be indirect.

We offer no Guarantees that Your Music will sell BUT we will do whatever it takes to make this possible.

Please send your Twitter login details within a reasonable time.