About Us

AKenyanVoice is a product of a desire to make a difference in the lives of #KenyanMusicians that came about by the realization of how little the originator knew of the Kenyan Music scene. That desire led to the desire to get to know who the current #KenyanMuscians were, their songs and their history.


With a reasonable knowledge of the Internet and especially Twitter the idea to expose our Musicians to other Kenyans was an easy decision. YouTube provided the content and had the additional benefit of the content creators getting paid. Having been involved with Tsu http://www.tsu.co/AKenyanVoice which also pays for content everything became very clear. We would collect links to videos of current Kenyan Musicians and keep posting them on Twitter at intervals. A Knew Twitter Handle was created https://twitter.com/AKenyanVoice for this purpose.


The idea was to support Kenyan Musicians in monetizing their content as well as promoting their content online through various platforms as follows:



These online platforms create an Online Presence for the Artists and increase their chances of being found and their Music listened to and possibly be bought. At the very least, the hope was a greater number of Kenyans would be exposed to Kenyan Musicians and their Music.


The Twitter handle was well received and continues to work reasonably well……. Then many Musicians who had no YouTube videos appeared on the scene and they kept asking how they could get involved and how we could help them promote their Music. This is how the idea of a Music Distribution Website came about….. it would contain Music in audio with links that could be posted on the Twitter handle and the other platforms thereby accommodating ALL Musicians that had recorded their Music and especially the New and upcoming ones without access to distribution outlets.


This site was envisioned and creation started early August 2015.


With this site we hope to achieve the following:


  1. Expose Kenyan Musicians and their Music to a larger audience.

  2. Get the Musicians to sell their Music at their own price with a fixed minimum price.

  3. Provide a distribution platform to Kenyan Music that will allow easy access to many Kenyans.

  4. Help combat Piracy by encouraging Kenyans to exercise individual honesty and buy authorized Music despite so many unauthorized channels.

  5. Help stabilise Incomes for Kenyan Musicians by pushing their Music to as many Kenyans as possible.


When all the above targets are met, it is hoped that:


  1. We will help Reduce the exploitation of our Musicians by the various players in the market

  2. We create awareness of the fact that Kenyans love their Music and they are willing to pay a good price for good Music.

  3. The Good Musicians will earn super Incomes while the others will get an education on what the Kenyan Music market needs.

  4. We will help grow the Industry once it starts paying well by attracting more talented Kenyans.

  5. We will help create numerous new jobs.


You the honest Kenyan are the one going to make all this possible. The Music Industry is like any other and with proper focus can create great wealth for us all.


AKenyanVoice is the product of Kisnet Online a Business name registered on 20th July, 2000 with the aim of exploring the Internet and the opportunities thereof.


Mutinda Kisio of P O Box 47384-00100 Nairobi is the Originator.


To get in touch, please email admin@akv.co.ke


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